Credit: Meredith Stern

Today, with just five days until the #StandUp4HumanRightsCT celebration, our focus will be on Article 30 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein.”

The entire basis of the UDHR is to affirm and protect individuals’ rights. Unfortunately, because the Declaration is not a binding element in the context of customary international law (though some scholars would beg to differ, as many countries have been referring to the UDHR for over 50 years), there have been many instances of States or groups of people carrying out deplorable human rights transgressions and justice not being served. Take the Holocaust, the Cambodian genocide, and the Darfur Genocide, for example, all of which were carried out by government parties. We all have a responsibility to hold any organization or government accountable for its actions

Every single one of the rights laid out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is valuable and everyone deserves to exercise these rights.

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