About CHRP

History of CHRP

The Connecticut Human Rights Partnership (CHRP) is a diverse array of stakeholders across the educational, governmental, and civil society sectors deeply committed to the propagation of a culture of human rights in Connecticut. The idea for the Partnership was launched at a meeting at the University of Saint Joseph, convened by the UNESCO Chair in Comparative Human Rights at the University of Connecticut, on December 10, 2014, the 66th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). CHRP built a steering team and began promoting and advertising events in 2015. Since then, CHRP has developed a network of partners and allies across CT dedicated to the advancement of human rights, and has organized a number of collaborative action gatherings for community members, educators and youth.




To develop a thriving network of Connecticut individuals and organizations who educate, act, and advocate on human rights. To enrich the work of the member organizations by publicizing educational and co-curricular opportunities, hosting conferences and trainings, and creating opportunities for collaboration between educators, students, nonprofits, and public agencies.


CHRP is a collaborative network of educators and organizations committed to providing residents of Connecticut opportunities to develop their understanding of and commitment to human rights. CHRP promotes and supports educational efforts that foster critical attitudes and values rooted in a respect for the equal dignity and human rights of all persons. CHRP promotes and supports educational institutions and nonprofit organizations in their civic actions and advocacy on behalf of human rights. Although giving special attention to constituencies in Connecticut, CHRP’s work enhances the realization of the rights of all people, locally, nationally, and globally.


CHRP’s mission reflects its core values:

  • Appreciation of the interconnectedness and indivisibility of human rights.
  • Recognition of democratic pluralism, civic responsibility, and advocacy as necessary for the advancement of human rights.
  • Encouragement of forgiveness and accountability as paths to respecting human life and dignity.
  • Inspiration from diverse cultural values, such as the African principle of Ubuntu, which is universal bond of humanity, and Jewish maxim Tikkun Olam, which means to heal the world through action for justice.

Steering Team

Glenn Mitoma, Vice Chair
Assistant Professor-Human Rights & Education

Director of the Dodd Center
University of Connecticut

Sujata Gadkar-Wilcox, Treasurer
Assistant Professor of Legal Studies
Quinnipiac University

Jake Skrzypiec, Secretary
Social Studies Teacher
Manchester High School

HRE-USA-CT Regional Rep

Nana Amos
Dodd Center Program Manager
University of Connecticut

Chris Buckley
Social Studies Teacher
Brookfield High School

RFK Center Lead Teacher

Abigail Esposito
Social Studies Teacher
Conard High School

Harvard Religious Literacy Project Fellow

Judy Wyman Kelly
University Interdisciplinary Studies Program
University of Hartford









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